The Arachnid

As an adult or even during adolescence, a lot of people become aware of what has happened in their childhood – which isn‘t always easy to process. „Die Arachnide“ (translates to: „The Arachnid“), an artistic-educational project, begins there. 

As a team, we (also called „Die Arachnidas“, translates to „The Arachnids“) are referring to grown-up children of parents/legal guardians who deal with addiction. The confrontation with the memory of the lived trauma is in the foreground of our work.

Anna Mangelsdorf created the base of this project with her text „The Arachnid“. 

Her product's protagonist ist called Andrea Hoffmann and is 38 years old. In the text, Andrea faces the fears of her past and dares to recall those memories. 

The text will be interpreted in various art forms and is the base for a reading, a graphic novel, a play and an audiobook.