Anna Mangelsdorf: Poet / Director / Project Manager

Sophie Stephan: Performance 

The reading takes place in cooperation with performance artist Sophie Stephan.

The reading is supported by an educational team that consists of four people. During the presentations, two of them will be present to give psychological first aid if guests unintentionally run through a triggering memory of a past trauma. 

The premiere took place on February 29th at the 3K Theatre in Mühlhausen/Thüringen.

Current News: since there are no readings open to the public at the moment, we decided to record a reading to make it accessible for everybody. It is in german.
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More Information / Sophie Stephan:
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If interested, the event can be booked with us (50 participants maximum).

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Trigger warning:
This product addresses people that are at least 12 years old.It can cause memories of traumatizing events.