Anna Mangelsdorf: Poet / Director / Project Manager


An unpredictable spider lives in the household of a family. It influence is so high that no one will talk about it. The spider is a secret. We only know about it because one family member shares some memories.


A. Mangelsdorf started writing the text for „The Arachnid“ in 2016 and finished in August of 2019. The preparatory work consisted mainly of conversations with people whose everyday life or household is or has been influenced by addiction. In those conversations a lot of memories and experiences were reflected upon. She has also learned from several educators and psychologists who are working with people who are sensitive to trauma.

The spider is a metaphor for the addicted parent/guardian.

The lyric text stretches to over ten scenes. A. Mangelsdorf attaches importance to the content being easily understood – without great descriptions or box sets.

Trigger warning:
This product addresses people that are at least 12 years old.It can cause memories of traumatizing events.